Joliet isn’t a stranger to being the backdrop on both the small and silver screens, but having three productions in town at the same time is a bit rare!

First, shooting at the jewel of Joliet, is Fox’s new television dramedy The Big Leap. According to the Herald News:

Fox TV crews arrived [at the Rialto Square Theater] Tuesday for two days of set-up, and filming began outside the theater on Thursday. The schedule now is for filming inside the theater on Friday and Monday with a last day of filming outdoors on Tuesday.

On the west side of Joliet, residents are being moved around to make room for filming a TV pilot for a show called Single Drunk Female, as this notice indicates (thanks to Phil Darin for the pic).

No description available..

Rumor has it that Chicago Fire is also in the area, though I haven’t been able to track down any real information on that.