Two More Things I Hope Don’t Change When We Go Back to Normal

Over the weekend, my family and I were able to take part in two things that, without the grips of a worldwide pandemic, probably would never have happened.

On Sunday, the big man himself cleared off a few hours of his busy schedule to drive around our little neighborhood in Plainfield and visit with the kids! How considerate of him! With Mrs. Claus behind the wheel and two helper elves in the back seat, The Man in Red wished everyone a merry Christmas through a megaphone while handing out some candy canes.

After his visit, my four year old son asked me, “Is that just a costume?”

“No, son. Get in the house.”

Later that night I had the privilege of hosting my church’s first annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony!

Members pulled up in their cars facing the giant evergreen in the parking lot while they listens to the program of music (including a few pieces performed by Pastor Evan on guitar and vocals…in the freezing cold), prayers and my own attempt at dumb humor. Shout out Dawn MacGregor who’s genius idea of surrounding the FM transmitter with hand warmers wrapped in plastic wrap shoved inside a winter hat saved the day from major technical malfunction!

Here’s how it all shook out, in case you are interested.

It’s just another idea of people getting creative in the face of trying times and coming up with ideas that will far outlast the pandemic.

I hope both of these and all similar events continue for years to come.