Two Other Stores Are Accepting Expired Bed, Bath & Beyond Coupons

If you’re a Bed, Bath & Beyond die-hard, maybe find some gloves.  You might be digging through your garbage in a second!

You probably heard Bed, Bath & Beyond went bankrupt this week.  They announced that all those “20% Off” coupons people saved for years would officially expire on Tuesday.  So they’ve been worthless for a few days now.

Except it turns out they’re NOT worthless:  Two major retailers announced they’ll be accepting them for a limited time . . . Big Lots and The Container Store.

Big Lots will take them until May 7th.  You can use them to get 20% off any purchase of $50 or more.  But only in person, not online.

The Container Store will let you use them to get 20% off any single item through May 31st.  So you’ve got a month for that one.  Again, it’s in-store only.

Read more about it here: CNN