UFC Star Conor McGregor Sent the Miami Heat Mascot to the ER (Video included)

Oh, my God.  He couldn’t stop punching…check it out.

The Miami Heat are down three games to one to the Denver Nuggets in the NBA Finals.  And they’re also down one MASCOT.

At halftime during Friday night’s game, UFC goon Conor McGregor came out for a “comedy” skit to hype his new pain relief spray, which is called TIDL Sport.

Part of the skit involved Conor knocking out the Heat’s mascot, Burnie, then whipping out a bottle of TIDL and spraying him.

So Conor punched Burnie, and he went down.  Then, like a good MMA fighter, Conor socked him again while he was down.  Then they dragged Burnie off the court.

Unfortunately, the guy in the Burnie costume ended up in the HOSPITAL.  It’s not clear if it was one of Conor’s punches, or if he injured himself in the fall.  But he was treated and released with some pain meds, so it wasn’t that serious.