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UNO Clarifies That You Might Be Breaking The Rules

Every family might have house rules when playing the card game UNO, but UNO wants you to know that one move is totally illegal.

In a tweet over the weekend, UNO said you cannot stack DRAW 2 and DRAW 4 cards. That means, if someone puts down a DRAW 4 card, you must pick up 4 cards and then skip your turn. You can’t put down a DRAW 2 card and make the next person pick up 6 cards.

Did anyone actually play like that? I’ve never heard of that before!

Some Twitter users disagreed with UNO’s stance while one person wrote, “I love how folks were arguing with Uno about how to play Uno. A game they created.”

Do you ever stack DRAW 2’s and DRAW 4’s? Am I the only one that has never done this?

Danielle Tufano

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