Hi, Rich Dale here, ironically on electronic media.

Yesterday was officially the National Day of Unplugging.  How’d you do?  I have to admit that I kind of ignored it.  Hey, I can put my electronics down whenever I want to.

Wait, was that a text?

Anyway, predictably, science backs up the benefits of unplugging, or more accurately, the drawbacks of not unplugging.  A new study of college students between the age of 18 and 30 found that nearly 40% were “addicted” to their smartphones.  And the more students used their phones, the worse their quality of sleep.  (Luckily, that age group doesn’t include me.)

Experts say phone use disrupts the body’s natural sleep clock, or ‘circadian rhythm’.  They recommend putting the phone away at least one hour before bedtime.  I guess it’s that whole blue light thing.

What about you?  Do you use your phone or tablet in bed?  What are your rules for getting a good night’s sleep?