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Unpopular Music Opinions…which do you agree with?

Which one(s) of these do you agree with?

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It’s Friday . . . I could go for a good FIGHT.  And Buzzfeed would like to get us started with a list of 23 unpopular music opinions from its fans.  Here are some of the highlights:

1.  “Eminem is very talented, and I can appreciate that.  However, to me he just sounds like a pissed-off chihuahua.”

2.  “The first Limp Bizkit album wasn’t bad.”

3.  “U2 is boring.”

4.  “You don’t have to know the band members’ names and history to be a fan.  Music is about the sound and how it makes you feel; it feels like a trivia cult.”

5.  “George Harrison was the best Beatle and had the best career music-wise after they broke up.”

6.  “Beyoncé is overrated.”

7.  “I’m so [effing] tired of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. . . I can’t escape them, and all of their songs sound the same.”

8.  “I never got the hype for ‘Stairway to Heaven’ being some all-time great song.  It’s a good song, but that’s about as far as I’d go with it.”

9.  “Foo Fighters are an average, middle-of-the-road band at best.”

10.  “Indie music nowadays has been relegated to ukuleles, random timed beats, and nasal voices.”

11.  “Bruce Springsteen is overrated.  I can’t stand his voice or lyrics.”

12.  “Modern rap is far better than the stuff from the ’90s and ’00s.”

13.  “Billie Eilish is just not very interesting.  I’m completely bored by all of her songs, and I truly don’t understand her music.”

14.  “I don’t care for ‘Hamilton’ at all.”

(Check out the rest of the list here.)

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