Lets be honest…there are some unwritten rules in baseball that many people think are weird, and some think are just part of the game that they love so much.  So lets discuss.

Nick Jakusz and I were having a discussion this week.  It stems from Tim Anderson of the Chicago White Sox flipping his bat after a home run on Tuesday’s game against Kansas City.  He showboated a bit and then went into his home run trot.  His next at-bat…he got plunked in the behind.  Benches cleared. And Tim was kicked out of the game by Joe West as was the pitcher and both managers.  An unwritten rule in baseball: Do not flip your bat or stare at your home run and show up the pitcher.  Tim chose to celebrate the hit…which did not put the team ahead and they lost in extra innings.

I believe and feel that too many players in major sports make themselves more of a star than their team.  Odell Beckham comes to mind.  David Ortiz.  I always respected players who acted like they had been there before.  I do not recall Frank Thomas the HOF White Sox player doing this.  Or Anthony Rizzo.  Barry Sanders was a great running back…when he scored a touchdown…he didn’t dance.  He tossed the football to the ref and went to the sidelines.  Class act.

Baseball has it’s own set of rules that I think will not go away anytime soon. You can still have fun and celebrate a little…but it can be done in a more respectful way.  For an idea of the unwritten rules of baseball click HERE

What are your thoughts? Yes I am a Cubs fan and perhaps I took a little joy in seeing a Sox player getting hit because he broke an unwritten rule of baseball.  No player should be intentionally thrown at…but If Tim thinks he is innocent…and didn’t have that coming because of his actions…he is wrong.  Act like you have been there before…and celebrate in the dugout.  Or at least win something first…and show respect for the game.

~ Tim Thomas