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Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Post Your Vaccination Card On Social Media

Hundreds of thousands of U.S. residents who have posted their vaccination cards online have put themselves at risk of becoming identity theft victims, experts say.

Vaccination cards feature each patient’s name, date of birth and even a medical ID number, according to experts at the  University of Iowa. Assistant Professor of Law Anya Prince says that’s more than enough information for an identity thief to obtain credit in a victim’s name.

Prince says people who are compelled to post photos of their vaccination card should at least make sure it can’t be viewed by the general public. “If I have four Instagram followers and my account setting is all on private, then there are fewer people who get that information versus if I have a public account,” she says.

“If it’s not broadcast widely, then maybe that’s more protected than if it’s on a public Facebook post. However, for a lot of social media, even something that’s taken down right away will always have some record somewhere.”

Danielle Tufano

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