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Van Halen’s Reunion Rumors were True!

Van Halen, the original cast, made such a big impact on radio and MTV.  They were hotter than hell.  A few ruffled feathers and personal relationships got in the way and has chipped away at the memories of how great they really were.

It has been rumored for awhile that original bassist, Michael Anthony was approached about getting the band back together.  Here is his side of that story!

For months, rumors were flying that Van Halen was planning a reunion tour with original bassist Michael Anthony.  Now Anthony is saying the rumors were true – but the plan fell apart in the end.

Anthony said Van Halen approached him last October about a reunion.  However, Anthony says, “something broke down on their end and the plug got pulled”.

Anthony, who was replaced by Eddie’s son Wolfgang in 2006, says he’d still be open to a reunion if it was done “the correct way”, which would be “four guys up there just doing their thing”.


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