Source: YouTube

Vanna is important enough for the producers of Wheel of Fortune to provide her a cake…but will they pony up the dough!?

Vanna White might stay with “Wheel of Fortune” after Pat Sajak leaves . . . but only if they pay up!

Sources say Vanna currently makes $3 million a year, while Pat makes almost FIVE TIMES THAT.  So she wants a big raise!

And sure, Pat’s the host, but Vanna’s not five times LESS IMPORTANT, is she? Many would argue she’s just as important.  A source says, quote,

“White spends the same time on set as Sajak . . . more, actually, due to hair, makeup, and wardrobe obligations.  She does way more publicity for the show than Sajak. She’s a personality, part of the show’s look, feel, and, let’s be frank, appeal.  Her enthusiasm and silly button segments with Sajak at the end of each episode are fan favorites.”

So yes…Wheel won’t be the same with Pat, but will it crumble even more with Vanna?! Is she worth more money? I tend to think so! If Pat’s going to leave, you should certainly keep Vanna White!

Assuming they do NOT pay her, and she leaves, it will be very interesting to see if the game itself is enough to keep up it’s popularity.