Very Interesting…McDonald’s ‘Menu Hacks’ Available Later This Month…

Next week, McDonald’s is adding four MENU HACK items for a limited time.  Meaning food mash-ups that are popular on social media, and a few are fairly epic.  But everything comes separately, so you have to assemble them yourself.  Starting on Monday, you’ll be able to get these four Menu Hack items for a limited time . . .

1.  The Hash Brown McMuffin.  It’s a Sausage McMuffin with a hash brown inside the sandwich.  That’s the only one from their breakfast menu.

2.  The Crunchy Double.  A double cheeseburger, but you add a layer of McNuggets at the bottom and drizzle them with barbecue sauce.

3.  The Surf-and-Turf.  A double cheeseburger with a Filet-O-Fish patty added in.  And there’s an extra middle bun, so it kind of looks like a Big Mac.  (You can only order that one through their app for some reason.)

4.  The Land, Air, and Sea.  It’s a Big Mac with two burger patties like usual . . . but also a Filet-O-Fish patty AND a McChicken patty.

It’s not clear how much each one costs, but we assume they’ll just charge you for the extra elements you’re adding in.