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VIDEO: Idiot Aurora School Bus Driver Arrested For Drinking A Beer While Driving Kids

It’s obvious this person has a problem. I sincerely hope she finds the help she needs because you don’t drink and drive a bus full of kids while drinking a beer if you don’t have a serious problem. I’m not trying to be funny here. She clearly needs help, and I honest to God hope she finds it.

That said, the brazenness of this is what really blows my mind. How long do you have to drive a bus to realize there is a camera pointed right at you the entire time?

The answer is zero days, by the way.

How long do you have to be familiar with a convenience store to realize there is a camera pointed at you when you check out?

The answer is one time.

I hope First Student, and every other school bus operator, takes this opportunity to evaluate how they choose their drivers…the people who we entrust with our children. Shameful.

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