Have you ever had an idea and thought to yourself, “Man! This is a fantastic idea!” Then, after following through on the idea, you look back and say, “Man…that was the dumbest idea ever…”

That was me last Thursday after throwing out the first pitch at the Kane County Cougars game.

Here’s the background.

The game took place on Thursday, June 6th, the 75 anniversary of D-Day and, not coincidentally, military appreciation night at the ballpark. Pregame festivities were very heavy on patriotism and thanking the veterans in attendance that night, rightfully so.

So I thought to myself, how can I make my ceremonial first pitch into something more than some 30-something jackwagon awkwardly throwing a ball?

Oh…I got it!

Just in case you couldn’t hear what the PA guy said, it was, “Midday Host Nick Jakusz from 95.9 The River! Nick is throwing the baseball short of home plate as a tribute to those who did not make it home.”

Yep…my idea was to throw a baseball that didn’t make it to home plate as an honor to those service people that “didn’t make it home.”

Even thinking about it now makes me cringe!

How cheesy!!! I am significantly embarrassed by it, but I just hope that everyone knows it came from an honest place of respect with only the best intentions. In retrospect, the face-palmiest moment of my professional life!