If we didn’t know this happened in Canada, I would have sworn it was Florida.

The backstory: cops were called to a house for a domestic incident, possibly involving a firearm. As they were setting up, this happened:

Thankfully, there was no gun inside the house and everything ended peacefully.

Needless to say, the police were not as amused as I am, issuing this statement:

“As to the presence of ‘Batman’ at the scene, when there is an unfolding event which is potentially serious in nature as most people would assume by the fact that members were deployed with carbines out the public should remain away from the area as they are putting themselves and the lives of the responding members in jeopardy.

“Situations like this are dynamic and subject to change very quickly, the presence of ‘Batman’ or anyone else is an unwanted distraction and foolish as they are placing themselves at risk.”