VIDEO: We Have a New Wiener Dog Racing Champion!!!

An adorable pup with the appropriate name of Barry Sanders won Saturday’s Wiener Dog Racing championship at the Chicago Steel hockey game, beating two-time defending champion !

Before the contest, I spoke with the president of the Chicago Steel Dan Lehv about THE most prestigious event in winer dog racing and how the dogs have been training. His answer about the rumors of performance enhancing drugs infiltrating the other wholesome sport of wiener dog racing was especially noteworthy (you can see his answer at the 1:35 mark of the interview).

Side note…I tried to start a slow clap in the lobby before the game. Might have been my most embarrassing professional moment. Natureally, here’s the video:

Anywho…thirteen wiener dogs raced during the first intermission.Then it came down to the final five! Here’s the exciting race, and look how excited Barry Sanders’s owner was! She pert near slipped on that ice! It’s OK though…when the thrill of victory overtakes you, you sometimes forget about your own safety. Congrats to Barry Sanders on a race well won!

Barry Sanders was a competitor in last year’s competition, too! I even brought him onto the ice to help me drop the puck in 2019. That’s right…help me drop the puck, win the even the following year!

And, oh by the way, the Steel won the actual hockey game 6-5 in OT to clinch a first-round bye in the Clark Cup Playoff, won their franchise record 13th consecutive game, and their 32nd victory of the season – another franchise record!

OH, and that’s ANOTHER victory for the Steel on a night when I dropped the puck. My record is pretty outstanding. Looking forward to being there for the Clark Cup Final!