If you are a fan of vintage automobiles, then you may want to check out what’s going to be parked in downtown Plainfield on Wednesday, June 22.

The Great Race is a 9-day, 2,300 mile journey for over 120 vintage cars ranging from Model A’s to muscle cars.

The Great Race is a time, speed, endurance rally, open to cars built before 1972. The oldest cars in this year’s race are a 1916 Hudson Super Six Series H, 1916 Hudson Hill Climber, and a 1916 Chevrolet Baby Grand. The latest model is a 1974 Plymouth that may look familiar, especially if you live in the Joliet area. Yeah…it’s a Bluesmobile!

The first Great Race, back in 1983. Organizers worked hard to promote the event, and turned it into one of the greatest automotive events of all time. The Great Race is a time, speed, endurance rally, meaning the goal wasn’t to get to the finish line first, but to precisely finish each checkpoint in a pre-determined amount of time. Each vehicle has a driver and a navigator, and the team uses a calibrated speedometer to make sure they stay on schedule, according to the day’s route.

It’s a grand event that turns average car guys into local celebrities, as these classic cars make their way through small towns on their way across the country.
Drivers start in Warwick, RI on June 18th and end in Fargo, ND! On June 22nd, they will take a pit stop in Plainfield.