Volunteers Needed for Aurora’s “Operation Senior Shovel”

What a great way to pay it forward!!

There is a group of volunteers in Aurora who go out every snow storm and clear the sidewalks and driveways of senior citizens who can’t do it themselves. Their mission Operation Senior Shovel — which I freakin’ love.

It has been organized by the city, and you can sign up to help on this website.

Here’s the official description:

The City of Aurora provides the Operational Senior Shovel program for senior citizens and disabled persons in need of assistance and volunteers who can help in their time of need.

Operation Senior Shovel is a weather-related service that

  • allows those in need to register for the entire winter season (Dec.-March)
  • is only activated after snow events of 2 inches or more

All volunteers providing assistance must:

  • be willing to serve sporadically throughout the winter season, with many being assigned the same houses throughout the season.
  • provide your own shovels or snow blowers
  • complete snow-clearing withing 48 hours after each snowfall of 2 inches or more
  • complete the online registration form


Once you choose to sign up, you let them know if you have your own shovel and/or snowblower. Then you choose which ward of the city you prefer to operate in.