Voting By Mail. Thoughts.

So with 77 days (11 weeks from today) left until the Presidential election, here’s my question! How do you feel about mail-in voting verse going to the polls and casting your ballet in person? We’ve seen over the past few months several states where folks were forced to wait in long lines for an elongated period of time to vote. The pandemic puts a whole different spin on waiting with your fellow Americans to use your right to vote. The social distancing and the machines your voting on. Are they cleaning them after each voter is finished? So many questions! So many worries! I personally have never voted by mail, but my polling place is literally just across the street and down the block, but that still is in person voting!! I seems to me that if mail-in voting can be trusted and from all I read and hear, from most sources, it has had a very small flawed and fraudulent history then folks should be able to take advantage of it. It’s a safety thing with the coronavirus infecting 50,000 plus per day and killing over a 1000 a day. I’m cautious how bout you? Your thoughts!

What states can you vote by mail?