Wait, What? No Worries!

Hi this is Leslie Harris, and apparently, I need to delete some phrases from my vocabulary.

Lake Superior State University has published its list of words and phrases that need to be retired. They have been doing a Banished Words list since 1976 and as they say it is to

“Uphold, protect and support excellence in language by encouraging avoidance of words and terms that are overworked, redundant, oxymoronic, cliched, illogical, nonsensical  – and otherwise ineffective, baffling or irritating. Whew. That’s a mouthful.

And I hate to admit, but I use a lot of these, especially in social media. Here’s the list of banished words for 2022:

1 –  Wait, what?  (I use this one so much on social media)

2 – No Worries  (I use this one a lot too. Someone apologizes and I respond, no worries! Which I think is okay because the reason they give for retiring it is because it’s used in place of your welcome, which comes across as insensitive.

3 – At the end of the day. I don’t use this one, and it was actually on the list of banished words in 1999!

4 – That being said  (I don’t use this one)

5 – Asking for a friend  (okay, I do use this one, but only in a humorous way. LSSU takes offense at people who use this to deceive others)

6 – Circle back  (I’m safe on this one)

7 – Deep dive (I don’t use this one either)

8 – New Normal  (oh I really hate this one)

9 – you’re on mute (really? I don’t get this one. If someone thinks that they’re communicating, they need to be told that we can’t hear them, even if it is annoying)

10- Supply chain (I’ll be honest, I love that Jack White’s current tour is called the supply chain issue tour)

Which phrases would you like to do away with? Or, which ones are you gonna defend?

Let me know in the comments