Wanna Make Some Scary Money This Halloween?

So I’m sure you’ve heard or maybe even said the phrase “You couldn’t pay me to do that or you couldn’t pay me to go there or you wouldn’t be able to pay me enough to watch that!” Strong words that certainly express ones non-interest in a topic, or involvement in an activity or even an observation opportunity! Well maybe we’ve got a way you can get paid for and not have to put out much effort or travel or even think about it very much. We could even call this Scary Money. There’s a company willing to pay you to watch 13 horror movies this Halloween. I mean have you even thought about your costume yet? Yeah me either, but we’re talking about some serious cash here, $1300.00. Oh now you’re listening! The promotion at DISH Network will require a fan to watch a baker’s dozen of Stephen King adaptations, from The Shining to It to Misery. So these aren’t second rate, funky old horror flicks, but Stephan King’s stuff. So wadda ya think?

Make Some Scary Money Watching Stephan King Flicks This Halloween!