Want a Pill to Kick in Faster? Lie on Your Right Side When You Take It

This is crazy.  I was talking to my wife Susie the other day and told her that when I lay on my left side at night I get heartburn but when I’m on my right side it goes away.  I think we both thought I was crazy, but maybe there is something to it.  See the story below.

It’s amazing how much we’re still learning about the human body.  Like this:  If you’re taking a pill and want it to kick in faster, try lying on your RIGHT SIDE when you take it.  It should hit your bloodstream a lot faster that way.

A new study at Johns Hopkins looked into it.  In general, pills start to dissolve and absorb a little bit through the lining of your stomach.  But it mostly happens through the lining of your intestines.  So how fast they get there matters.

Our bodies aren’t symmetrical down there.  And it turns out the way you’re lying, sitting, or standing makes a big difference when it comes to where the pills settle.

They end up the closest to your intestines when you’re on your right side.  Taking them while standing or sitting up straight is also okay . . . lying on your back isn’t quite as good . . . and lying on your left side is by far the worst.

A pill might only take 10 minutes to start working if you’re on your right side.  But if you’re standing, that same pill will take around 23 minutes to kick in.

And if you’re on your left side, up to 1 hour and 40 minutes.

(Johns Hopkins)