We Finally have a Female as the GM of a Major Sports Franchise, And She Started in Chicago

There is finally a woman leading a major sports franchise!

Kim Ng in an Indianapolis native, but she started her career as an intern with the Chicago White Sox while she was a student at the University of Chicago where she played softball. She was brought into the organization full time in 1991 as a special projects analyst. There began her climb.

In 1995, just four years into her stint with the Sox, she earned the role of Assistant Director of Baseball Operations under then-GM Ron Schueler.

She began to be noticed in front offices around the league. She was recruited by Brian Cashman to become the Asst. GM of the New York Yankees in 1998, becoming the youngest AGM and only fourth female in that role.

In 2005 she was consdered for the job of General Manager of the LA Dodgers but lost the job to Ned Colletti, who actually kept her on his staff as assistant. Since then, she’s been a GM prospect many times for the Mariners, Padres, Angels and Giants, being turned down each time. She would move to the MLB main offices as the Sr. VP of Baseball Ops.

Then today…a big day for females in sports…she was hired as the first ever female General Manager in major sports history, being hired by former Yankee Derek Jeter to take the reins of the Miami Marlins.

Here in Joliet we have our own female General Manager: Heather Mills who runs the Joliet Slammers. Her post today:

Happy tears and dancing with joy. As a female wanting to work in baseball, Kim Ng was the person I looked at early in my career and I’ve followed her career for years. I’ve been waiting 20 years to hear this news. I am so happy for her!!!!

To say this is a big deal is an understatement. To say it’s a marketing hire is ludicrous.

Congrats to Kim Ng, and all the females that aspire to knock down walls!