So yesterday I watched the new Amy Poehler Netflix movie Wine Country.  It was super fun.  One of the actresses I wasn’t overly familiar with and she was really funny so I looked her up.   Her name is Paula Pell.   So it turns out she is an SNL writer but she is a hysterical performer as well.  Here’s the other thing … she’s from Joliet.  This got me thinking … we really breed some seriously funny people here in Chicago.   I guess one could say there is a lot about living in the Midwest that is a challenge (most of which is weather related.)   So maybe we all need a good sense of humor to get through our brutal winters … I mean look at this list of hysterical people from the Chicago area…

Seth Meyers (Evanston)

John and Jim Belushi (Chicago)

Betty White (Oak Park)

Richard Pryor (Peoria – okay not really Chicago but close enough)

Robin Williams (Chicago)

Melissa McCarthy (Plainfield)

Bob Newhart (Oak Park)

Cecily Strong (Oak Park)

John and Joan Cusack (Evanston)

Bill Murray (Wilmette)

….and that is just a fraction of the hysterical talent that have been born and raised here.   Even those not lucky enough to be born in Chicago migrate here because of the legendary Second City comedy troupe.

So who are some favorite Chicago funny people?