We’ll always Love You, BJ

Cartoon Town, the BJ and Dirty Dragon show, Gigglesnort Hotel… BJ, also known as Bill Jackson was the mastermind between all of these great iconic, Chicago kids TV shows. Bill Jackson passed away earlier this week at the age of 86. I loved BJ and Dirty Dragon, as so many of us did.

Bill Jackson came to Chicago in 1965 to host Clown Alley and Here Comes Freckles on WBBM-TV, channel 2. A few years later, he created Cartoon Town for WFLD, channel 32 which was an independent station at that point. He designed, built and voiced all of the puppets including Dirty Dragon, Weird, Wally Goodscout, Mother Plumtree, the Old Professor, the Thumptwangers and of course the giant blob of clay known as The Blob.

BJ was the mayor of Cartoon Town, and Dirty Dragon was the fiery tempered, fire breathing Postmaster. (fi…Fi…FIIIII) Cartoon Town ran on channel 32, against Garfield Goose which was on channel 9.

Somewhere in the universe, exists a picture of a very young Leslie Harris, being held by none other then Bill Jackson. Someday I will unearth that picture, but for now, here’s a picture of me at the Museum of Broadcast Communications.

Bill Jackson donated all of his puppets to the museum, which is on State Street in Chicago. If you have fond memories of the TV show, definitely check out the exhibit, especially now as the museum is free to the public.

Find out more about the museum HERE