Oh man, it’s certainly a Monday here at 95.9 The River!

It all started for me at home, when I opened the door to my garage fridge to grab a drink for lunch. There happened to be a pink ooze covering most of everything. Long story short, it turned out that the freezer had stopped working, causing the frozen chicken to – well – not be frozen anymore and leak inside the freezer. The salmonella juice then ran down INTO THE FRIDGE, covering everything.

Super fun to clean up when you’re already later for work.


Not long after I arrive for work, BAM! We’re off the air, sirens are going off. Mass hysteria. Another long story short, we had a power supply in our operation control room fail, which means everything we use to broadcast…from phones, to internet to broadcast equipment, was no longer working. Thankfully, we just plugged everything in to a different outlet and we were back on track.

You can tell the seriousness of the event by how quickly we were urged to get out of the way in our live video this morning! HA!

Oh well…guess we have a case of the Mondays!