We might not agree on everything, but there’s one thing everyone can agree on:

Marty McFly was cool!

Thanks to Nike (who else), we are one step closer to being as cool as Marty McFly because we can now own our own self lacing shoes controlled by an app!

Yes, there have been special editions of the actual shoe McFly wore int he movies, but now there is an everyday version meant for athletes instead of hoverboarders.

These things are going for $350. Why? Because people will buy them…people besides me.

Let’s just not do the basic, “Self lacing shoes?! How lazy is this society?!” thing. Stop it, that’s too easy and predicable. Besides, these are athletic shoes…and athletes aren’t lazy. And the non-athletes that buy them aren’t doing it for the practicallity, it’s for the cool factor.

And if being like Marty McFly is lame, then I don’t want to be cool!