What are people in the USA drinking these days?

How’s it going!  Rich Dale here.  So not only are U.S. residents consuming more alcohol during the coronavirus pandemic, but apparently they’ve taken on amateur bar tending as well. Google has released a list of the most-searched drink recipes per state.

According to Google statistics, the most popular DIY drink in the United States is an Old Fashioned.  It topped drink recipe searches in eight states: Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Washington D.C., Massachusetts, Oregon, Virginia and Washington. The Kamikaze comes in second with searches in Idaho, Iowa, Maryland, North Dakota and West Virginia, Google reports.

Other top searches include the Hurricane, which tops the list in Alabama and Colorado; the Bushwacker, which is favored in Louisiana and Tennessee; and the Whiskey Sour, which is number one in Alaska and Pennsylvania, according to Google.

And ironically, right here in the prairie state, the Manhattan seems to be number one!

Check out this article about it:  https://www.foxnews.com/food-drink/most-searched-cocktails-each-state-google