What Are Ya Doin Saturday? Come On Out Record Store Day!

So this Saturday is Record Store Day! Remember record stores? There was so much to go looking for. The latest albums and singles, papers and posters, tee-shirts and other of life’s necessities! This back in the day when turntables were king at home and on the radio. Names like Rose Records or Flipside, RaceOn in Wheaton, Rolling Stone Records or Val’s Halla in Oak Park, Stereo Place in Aurora, Tower Records or Sound Warehouse. Blue Village Vinyl in Westmont and so many more. Well there still are lots of places to pick up vinyl (it’s making a fabulous comeback) and Saturday is a day to celebrate that and support your local disc shop. I’m stopping into Blue Village Vinyl on Saturday from 2p-4p for a book signing of my book: Doin The Cruise: Memories From a Lifetime in Radio and Rock&Roll.¬† They will have music as well from the very talented Michael McInerney and of course lots of records.¬†Blue Village was a legendary teen club in Westmont with its heyday during the late 1960’s. When the equally legendary record shop Record Utopia became available, they decided to rename it in honor of Blue Village. Click here for more of the story on Blue Village: Anyway we hope to see you Saturday or at least we hope you’ll go out and support Record Store Day.

Samantha had a great guide and blog on Record Store Day, yesterday. Click here



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