What are You Buying this Labor Day Weekend?

I know I need to buy a couple of things this weekend besides the grilling goods.  Need to get some more College things for my son that we forgot BEFORE he went to College.  LOL Oh, wait, I need a new Weed Wacker because my son broke it before he went to College.  How ’bout you?

According to a new survey by RetailMeNot, 59% of us will be looking for sales and deals during the holiday weekend.  And the average person expects to spend $178.

As for what we’ll be buying, the most common items are food and drinks . . . clothing . . . and home décor.

And even though Labor Day is usually a bigger travel weekend, only 9% of people said they plan to spend money on hotels, flights, or other travel expenses.

The survey also found the best and worst things to buy during Labor Day sales.

The best are:  grills . . . appliances . . . mattresses and furniture . . . and outdoor items.

And you should hold off on buying:  fall clothes . . . toys . . . and TVs, since there will be better sales later in the year.

(RetailMeNot / Adweek)