What Are You Buying This Year & When Are You Buying It?

So here we are but a week from Thanksgiving and of course that all important other holiday Black Friday!! Do you or have you or will you be out early (Thanksgiving night) or earlier (2am or 4am or well you get my drift) Friday morning to get those incredible bargains that Black Friday offers? Well wait minute because almost every ad I’ve seen on TV has been saying don’t wait til Black Friday save now!! So is the effort to get out and obtain those incredible bargains worth it or can you stay home and get em on line or anytime? I don’t have an answer for ya and I’m a holiday shopper who actually likes to go out well after Thanksgiving and buy stuff in person. I guess that makes me old school and I’m good with that label. Now this year presents a bit of a challenge with the pandemic/coronavirus and all so I guess I’ll just have to see how it’s going in a few weeks, although the outlooks from the doctors and scientists are not encouraging!! I will tell ya this…whatever you’re looking to purchase please frequent your local merchants as much as you can. They need your support and we need to help them to survive!! It would seem that most of us are spending less this year and buying more specifics from what the experts say. Me, I rarely listen or pay attention to the experts! How bout you? But here’s what their telling us anyway!

Shoppers Snapping Up Electronics But Not A Lot Else.