What Are Your 20 Somethings Saying & Doing About Coronavirus?

So what kind of conversations are you having with your 20 somethings about the coronavirus? I have two  a 29 year old son Mitchell living in LA and my daughter McKenna 24, mother of two small boys ages 5 and 1.5 living in St. Joseph Mi. Their attitudes and outlook on this pandemic are quite different. Mitchell is skeptical and although he does wear a mask (required in LA) he’s not overly concerned as much as inconvenienced.  McKenna is much more aware and concerned for herself and RJ and the two boys. School in the fall, social distancing, even the worry that if she caught it she might spread it to me (and I’m in that high risk category anyway). Here’s a hard fact for you: yesterday the city of Chicago revealed that 30% of the previous days COVID-19 cases were among people ages 18-29. Almost one third!! That seems to be the consensus among this age age group that it’s just not that big a deal. Going to the bars, hanging out with large groups of friends a normal undertaking unless you’re in a sever pandemic!

Chicago Trib. Article From Today Very Telling.