So I love the music of the Smiths and Morrissey.  I would go as far as saying the Smiths are one of my favorite bands.  Now normally you love the members of your favorite bands … not always but usually.  I mean I love Oasis the band but I know the Gallagher brothers can be a bit of a nightmare.  However I find them amusing … not Morrissey.   I really hate Morrissey.  Why you ask well there are many little things and one big thing.  The big thing is simple … he’s a total racist.

In an interview Morrissey once stated, “Reggae…is to me the most racist music in the entire world. It’s an absolute total glorification of black supremacy.” He went on, “Ultimately, I don’t have very cast iron opinions on black music other than black modern music which I detest. I detest Stevie Wonder. I think Diana Ross is awful… I think they’re all vile in the extreme. In essence this music doesn’t say anything.” The interviewer responded, “You seem to be saying that you believe that there is some sort of black pop conspiracy being organized to keep white indie groups down.” What was Morrissey’s response? “Yes, I really do.”

What a total idiot …. Just writing those comments makes me want to go and delete all my Smiths tracks from my playlists … which I probably should.

Obviously that is more than enough of a good reason to not like this idiot but on top of that … he hates Sir Paul McCartney!  How can anyone hate the happy-go-lucky, pop-melody genius Sir Paul McCartney? The guy’s as disarming and pleasant as icons come. Hell, It’s almost like hating a teddy bear, or a greatly admired musical superstar. Whatever. In fact, you’d think Morrissey would be the last person to lay into McCartney given that the former Beatle is one of the most ardent supporters of PETA’s cause. But, not so. In 2013, Morrissey publicly criticized McCartney for not denouncing his knighthood on the grounds that refusal to do so represented an endorsement of the Queen’s habit for wearing furs. Just to clarify: given that the Queen of England owns certain animal-derived family heirlooms, Morrissey  thinks McCartney is morally inferior for not returning his nation’s highest honor. Let that sink in.

Again … what an idiot!

Ugh … but how great is this song … Ugh … I really hate him…

So how about you … who do you love and hate?