Recently I was watching an episode of Will and Grace and a song came on (Love is in the Air by John Paul Young. )  My parents used to love that song so it brought back so many memories.  I instantly downloaded the song so I could have a proper listen.   So TV and movies can totally do that when they play a song that is familiar to you but you had forgotten about.   However sometimes a show or a commercial can actually introduce you to a song or even an artist.   You hear a song and you are like “Who is that?”   Now back in the day … you were kind of stuffed … you just had to hope other people liked the song too and eventually you would hear it  on the radio.   Not  today … today you hear a song and all you have to do is search for the artist and title, which is what I did when I heard the song in the below commercial ( I think it was around 2007)    Now it turns out the song came out several years before it was used in that commercial but never really cracked the mainstream until Apple used it for one of their series of commercials that had fab shadow figures dancing with their iPods.  When I first  heard this commercial … I instantly LOVED the beat … I had to have this song.  I had never heard of Jet .  Turned out they were an Australian band that formed in 2001 … somehow for six years … I just missed them.  But thanks to Apple in 2007 I was introduced to a new favorite artist.

So tell me when did that happen to you?  Was it a commercial?  Was it a tv show or how about a movie?   What song or artist did you discover?