So tonight’s music challenge question is all about regret …. as Frank Sinatra once said in the classic My Way …Regrets, I’ve had a few
But then again, too few to mention … But tonight I am going to mention a couple.   There are some legendary concerts that I wish I could have seen … epic summer festivals mostly but the one that stands out of course for me happened in 1985.   I was 17 and at the time I didn’t live in London or Philadelphia … but if I could send a message back in time to my 17 year old self I would say “DO WHATEVER YOU CAN TO GET TO WEMBLEY AND GO TO LIVE AID”

Okay but tonight’s question is not what specific concert do you regret not seeing … it’s what band and I didn’t have to think long because I have always had one band I would have loved to have seen and again really could have as their last tour was in 1985 and they even played a few gigs in the late 80’s in Scotland – however these tours were not their best … I would have like to have seen the Clash circa 1981 (of course I was only 14 in 1981).   Read what Rolling Stone magazine had to say about this tour.

The Clash booked a seven-night stand at the Bonds nightclub in Times Square in the spring of 1981. It was partially a public relations stunt, since they knew the mad scramble for tickets would make for great press. These were their only American dates of the year, and demand outstripped supply by a huge margin. Fans slept in the streets to score tickets, and that was no fun task in Times Square in 1981.

The Clash in a club in Time Square would be my choice … but to be honest … I would just have loved to see the Clash in their early days anywhere…. but as that is not going to happen I will have to just live with YouTube videos’s of past Clash performances (actually you can listen to audio from the Bonds show on YouTube as well.)


So your turn … pop over to Facebook and tell me what band that you could have seen do you regret not seeing?