So there is this really great scene in a Dr. Who episode where the Dr. (Matt Smith at the time) took Vincent Van Gogh into the future so that he could see how loved and respected his work was.  It was really emotional and something you wish could have really happened.  It would also be great for the Dr. to grab Mozart and many other classical composers so that they could see that their music is still being listened to even today.

So this made me think more about contemporary music and in particular Rock n’ Roll.  Are there bands that are relevant today that you think we will still be listening to in 100 years?   I think it’s probably safe to say that in 2060 people will still be listening to many of the classic bands from the 1960’s but what about bands from the seventies or eighties?  We will probably still be listening to Elvis in 2050 but will we still be listening to Pearl Jam in 2090?

I think the answer to that question is less about the music itself and more about tech advancements.  Every new genre of music often comes around because of some new invention.  Things like my favorite invention … the radio.  Electric guitars, multi-track recordings and computers all changed the way music was made and listened to.  That in turn changed what we listened to I suppose.

So what band that you love today do you think your great-grandkids (or great, great-grand kids) will be listening to still in 100 years?