What Cost, This Damn Pandemic?

The coronavirus pandemic has affected each and every one of us, but for each in different ways. So many have been affected financially with job loss or business shut downs, kids not being able to attend school, the elderly population in extreme danger from COVID, the lack of really any social interaction without the fear of catching or spreading the virus, relationships have been strained or terminated because of stress and separation. I could go on but you can fill in your own blanks on this one. I’ve found the empty days with no real contact between coworkers, friends or even loved ones to be the hardest. I miss that interaction!! I miss my grand kids and want to see them, but time and space say no. I’ve cancelled trips to San Francisco in the spring to see my oldest son Jeff and his partner Andrew, another trip to LA in June down the tubes to see my other son Mitchell, a trip to Cleveland last month to visit my oldest daughter Jennifer and her family and more than a few visits with McKenna and RJ and my two youngest grandsons. Now I’m not looking for sympathy, I have expressed my happiness and appreciation for simply still having a job (so many in my industry of radio have lost there’s due to serious reduction in revenues). But it still feels like we’re all being held prisoners in our own lives, don’t ya think? There is no good answer, but to rely on good friends and family to get you through. I am blessed in that realm too and will continue to be grateful and positive as we move forward through the darkness waiting for a vaccine. So tell your friends and family and those you love how much they mean to you and show it in whatever manner you can because that will come back to you many fold. Thanks for letting me vent a bit. Sometimes ya just gotta say WTF!!!

PS: After I wrote this earlier in the morning my daughter McKenna, RJ and my two grandsons (shown above)surprised me with a visit. Things ARE Lookin’ Up!!