Get ready for a new drinking trend that’s already taken the U.K. by storm: vodka vaporizing.

Bars across the pond have installed special vaporizers that turn vodka into gas. Bartenders then fill up balloons with the vaporized vodka and sell them for five pounds each — just more than $6 in U.S. money. Apparently, when customers inhale the contents, the vaporized vodka absorbs through the lungs and gets them really drunk, very quickly.

As you’ve probably guessed, experts say the expedited method of getting hammered isn’t terribly good for you. “Alcohol entering your lungs will go straight into your bloodstream … which could put you at all kinds of risk,” Alcohol Change director Andrew Misell tells The Sun. “For example, from alcohol poisoning.”

But a rep from VapShot, the company that makes the vaporizers, disagrees. “We started the project in order to produce an innovative and potentially safer way of consuming alcohol,” he says. “It should not be perverted into something meant to harm as there is absolutely no proof of that.”

The creators claim inhaling the booze is “potentially safer” (whatever that means).  I don’t know, but here’s what VapShot has to say, so you can decide for yourself.

Are you willing to inhale vaporized vodka?  I’m going to have to give this one a soft no. Personally, I’m averse to inhaling things into my lungs that shouldn’t be there – just kind of freaks me out. But, there are a few friends that I’d love to be around while they give this a try, that’s for sure!

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