What Counts as a TV Spoiler?  You might be Surprised…

There is nothing worse than hearing that someone died in show you are watching and you haven’t seen that episode yet…That is the true meaning of a “TV Spoiler” to me.  How a show ends is also a big no-no.  Some people happen to be a bit more sensitive about it though.  Check out this survey that shows many different “TV Spoilers” people can’t stomach!

The collective FREAK OUT over TV spoilers has really begun to crescendo over the past few years . . . so how much are you allowed to say about a show or an episode before you cross the line?  It depends.

In a new poll, 78% of people say it’s a spoiler to say a character dies in the end, which isn’t surprising.  And about HALF say it’s a spoiler if you generally say that there’s a “happy ending” to the show . . . or that the ending was BAD.

45% think it’s a spoiler if you say something sad happens in a particular episode . . . and about that many say you shouldn’t say an episode is the most devastating one in the series.  (That may also include the “best” or “worst” in the series.)

From there, it seems like some people get overly sensitive.

40% say it’s a spoiler to mention that “something big” happens in an episode.  32% don’t think you should say that there’s a “big twist at SOME point” in the series.  16% don’t want to know ahead of time if an episode is good or bad . . . and another 16% don’t want you to say it gets scarier or something as it progresses.

And 5% of hypersensitive people will freak out if you simply mention that a show is “good.”  (???) 

(YouGov.com has the full breakdown of results.)