What Do You Do With Those Leftover Pills?

Hi this is Leslie Harris, and earlier this year, I had a bad infection in my finger. I was put on an antibiotic, but a couple of days later I was switched to a different antibiotic. I was also given pain medication, which made me vomit. So I still have leftovers of both of those medications.

It’s important to get rid of these medications, especially the pain pills, and especially if you have people in your home who might abuse them. Studies show that most abused prescription drugs come from family and friends.

I know you’re not supposed to flush them down the toilet because that ends up in our water supply. I have heard that you can put the pills into some used kitty litter and throw it in the trash . You might think that’s a no-brainer for me, being a crazy cat lady, but I use flushable cat litter.

Anyway, tomorrow is National Prescription Drug Take Back Day, which is a day when you can take your prescriptions to one of several collection sites to be disposed of safely.

The sites will be collecting from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. For a list of sites in our area, click HERE:

If you’re looking for a site outside of our area, click HERE:

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