What Geneva Parents Need to Know about the Teacher Strike

They negotiated well past 1:30 in the morning, but no deal was done. That means the Geneva Education Association (the teachers’ union) is going on strike.

With the strike starting today, it is a bit concerning that no new talks are scheduled. Hopefully that changes as the day goes on because no one wants the kids to be at home instead of learning.

If you are affected by this, it is important to be up to date, not only on closure information, but on where both sides are at as far as negotiations are concerned.

Here’s the latest from the teacher’s union.

Here’s what the Board of Education has to say (as of Nov. 30th, the latest piece of information I can find on their website…things may have been updated since then).

If you are a Geneva school parent, the district has been doing a great job of keeping everyone informed. Check here for some frequently asked questions in regards to school logistics.

Also, make sure you are checking the district website, social media channels (Twitter, Facebook), and checking your email and Home Access Center for updated official information as to what is open/closed and when/if that changes.

If you are looking for updates from the GEA, here are some useful links as well.

We’ll do our best to keep you updated as well!



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