What happened to my keyboard while I wasn’t looking?

It’s my fault.  I wasn’t paying attention.  Last time I looked, if something cost fifty cents, I could write “50¢”.  Now, I guess everybody writes “$.50”.  What kind of bunk is that?

I remember that a long time ago, if people wrote an amount less than a dollar using the dollar sign, it was usually on some kind of legal document.  You’d never write it like that on something informal.

But now I don’t even remember where the ¢ was on a typewriter!  A while back, I looked for it on my laptop keyboard and I was a little freaked out not to find it.  For this blog, I had to go to some website and copy it!

I guess way back in history, so many things cost less than a dollar, they needed that sign, but now not so much.  Maybe some day the hash tag will go away.