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What do YOU call a mutt?

Why do I ask, you may wonder?  It’s because today, July 31st, is National Mutt Day!  (And while we’re on it, don’t forget that tomorrow starts the newly proclaimed National Dog Month!)

Most of us figure we know what a mutt is, but the definition might be a little trickier than we think.  How many breeds have to be mixed together for a dog to truly be a mutt?

In my wife’s mind, “designer dogs” such as goldendoodles or spantrievers are mutts.  But according to the American Canine Hybrid Club, mutts have to be a mix of at least three.  A deliberate combination of two breeds is a “hybrid dog”.  And there are hundreds of them on the books!  18 different ones have “doodle” in the name and over 30 of them have “poo”.  (Yeah, laugh it up.)  I guess poodles are a popular breed to hybrid with.

Now, these dudes belong to a friend of mine.  They are truly mutts.

The little one is Archie — chihuahua, Pomeranian, poodle (!), miniature pinscher, and Jack Russell.  The other one is Semper — Australian cattle dog, fox terrier, and Parsons Russell terrier.

These are the guys that National Mutt Day is about!

Sorry, baskimos.

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