So it was easy coming up with things I wanted to do more off but I had to face some truths to come up with things I should be doing less of in 2019.

Screen time is an obvious answer for many of us.  We all spend too much time staring at our phones and get a little neurotic if we don’t check it all the time.  I am better than some and I’m sure worse than others when it comes to screen time but it actually is a different kind of screen that I really need to cut back on.

I am not a huge TV watcher.  There are very few network shows that I watch.  I mostly watch news and sports (and when I say sports I mean tennis) on regular TV.  HOWEVER I can lose an entire day binge watching British mystery series on Netflix.  It’s bad.  I can sit down on a Sunday and just check what Netflix has released and suddenly four hours later I am four episodes in and I am contemplating finishing the next four episodes of the series.  Usually I haven’t eaten or bathed … it’s not a pretty sight!  So I think in 2019 I need to come up with some streaming rules.   Two episodes is all I am going to allow myself.  To be honest I don’t think you enjoy a series as much as you could, if you watch it all at once.  I remember thinking that after I binge watched the last season of Orange is the New Black.   I guess you could say I didn’t digest each episode well enough to really enjoy it… and speaking of digestion…

After the holidays … I could also use less Cheese binging as well.  #TooMuchCheese.

So how about you …What is something you want to do less of in 2019?