I believe it was Shakespeare’s Juliet who once said to her Romeo … What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet… but actually Jules … it has to be said when it comes to bands … names are very important.   There has been a wave of rather unusual band names coming out recently … Cage The Elephant … Young The Giant … Portugal The Man (not to be confused with Portugal the country obviously)  All great bands but kinda weird names … So I started thinking about some of my favorite band names … obviously there are some classics but there are some truly clever band names  (like the one I chose below) and some funny ones that were started as a joke and just stuck (Doobie Brothers, Bare Naked Ladies etc.)   There are also a few that seem like a great band name but actually are a terrible band name (Google the true meaning of Spandau Ballet … it’s awful but in all fairness the band had no idea when they chose it.)   I had to go with the masters of the Whip .. Devo.

Devo bandmates Gerald Casale and Mark Mothersbaugh met in the early ’70s at Kent State University. While there, they discovered a theory that God created man using apes and that mankind was devolving back to its primordial state. So they shortened the word “de-evolution” to create the moniker for their new-wave band (originally known as Sextet Devo) and wore it as a badge, literally, on their yellow hazard-removal jumpsuits.