What is the best Day to put up your Christmas Tree?

When do you put up your Christmas tree?  Right after Thanksgiving?  Maybe December 1st?  Or are you safety-first and wait until mid-month, so it doesn’t dry out?

Well, according to tradition, all three of those options are WRONG.  If you put your Christmas tree up YESTERDAY, you did it right.

Sunday was the first day of the Advent, as in Advent calendars.  It’s an old religious thing.  Most of us just use them as an excuse to eat chocolate now.

The traditional Advent varies by year but always starts four Sundays before Christmas.  (Always between November 27th and December 3rd.)

Per tradition, it’s when you’re supposed to open the first door on your calendar.  But a lot of them start on the 1st now, so you open the last one on Christmas Eve.

December 3rd is also when you’re supposed to put up your tree.  And if you do care about traditions, take it down on January 6th when the “12 Days of Christmas” are over.

(NY Post / Better Homes & Gardens)

(If you’re non-traditional:  Searches for pink trees are up 286% on Pinterest this year because of “Barbie”.)