So truth be told … I am not a fan of live albums… I love live music at a live show and I love studio albums but find listening to crowds cheering on an album a little irritating.  I know there are some legendary live albums… Johnny Cash, U2  and of course Kiss have put out some pretty successful live albums (it could be argued that Kiss live is better than Kiss in the studio… they are that sort of band.)   I actually hate playing live tracks on the radio … it’s so hard to start them as there is always crowds cheering and it sounds abrupt.  I did quite like the Talking Heads live album, Stop Making Sense.   But I liked the film really and still would rather listen to a studio album of the band.

So I actually don’t have a lot to say about live albums because I just am not a fan and if I’m honest I know the one I have chosen is cheating really.   BUT … it was an album and Nirvana were playing live … I guess I like the stripped down nature of the MTV Unplugged series and I like how small the audience is so that the crowd noise is at a minimum.  (and yes even Kiss did an episode of Unplugged so that should add some legitimacy)  I will let you decide if I get the go ahead with this choice or if you are going to veto me and make me choose a proper live album.

So for tonight’s music challenge question … my answer is Nirvana’s MTV Unplugged.

Now swing over to Facebook and tell me who made the best live album (and if you think my choice pass the muster.)