So Madonna really irritated me this weekend.  (I am sure I am not the first person to say that!)  I have seen Madonna in concert several times  and I even met her once back in the nineties (she’s very small and not very friendly).  Anyhoo … When she announced she was doing a series of shows at the Chicago Theatre I thought it was worth checking out … Now if you recall the tickets were sold through a lottery.   Both Jan Shimek’s wife and I were trying frantically to get tickets.  Karen Shimek managed to get hers on round two of the lottery … I didn’t get mine until round three.  Compared to some concerts the price really wasn’t too bad so I was excited to go.   I had tickets for next Wednesday … show time started at 8.30.   It was okay … even with an 8.30 start I was prepared for Madonna not to show up until 9.00 or 9.30 as she is notorious for being late for her shows.  I was okay with the “no cell phones” rule at the show ( think that would be refreshing actually.)  Then this weekend I was looking at my digital tickets … AND … Suddenly the start time of the show had changed from 8.30 to 10.30 pm.    Keeping in mind that Queen Madge will probably start late … that is a totally a different kind of show….So I asked the question earlier … should that be allowed?  Should you be able to sell tickets that say a show started at one time and then change the time (without offering a refund option!)  I think it’s rather shoddy behavior.

Anyhoo … my irritation with Madonna led to tonight’s question … what’s the worst concert experience you have had?