Is there anything better than sitting in a pub and listening to some traditional Irish Music.   I say NO!  Let’s face it Ireland has a colorful history (most of the bad parts are due to my fellow countrymen so let’s not focus on that right now.)   The struggles of the Irish has produced some of the most soulful musicians around.  Music is just in the Irish blood, I’m convinced it’s genetic.

So when you think of Dublin you probably think about the lads from U2… They are without a doubt Dublin’s most famous export but when you spend time in Temple Bar you might think it was another famous rocker and his band that truly defined Dublin’s music scene.  Phil Lynott of Thin Lizzy recorded in Dublin and you can actually go into his studio and tour and see some of his guitars and the board he used.  There is a statue in town celebrating Phil as well.

So I was going to choose Thin Lizzy just to honor this Dubliner but I chose instead to go with my true favorite Irish band.  They are more about traditional Irish music but with a rockin’ edge.  If you aren’t familiar with the Pogues check out this video. (and then check out more of their music as well).

(BTW – you are in for a treat because this video is before lead singer Shane McGowan had his teeth fixed- they are pretty legendary!)


So pour yourself a Guinness and head over to Facebook and tell me what is your favorite Irish band… so many to choose from!!