So yesterday I went and saw the Hamilton Exhibition (and if you are a fan … go see it … it’s so well done!)   But more about that later.

So I am a fan of musicals.  Not the kind of fan that knows every musical and can sing along to every song (yes I have friends who can do that … and I once went on a road trip with them … it was fun at first but then not so fun … ha ha!)   My favorite musical for many years was Les Miserables.   I loved that show.  I was especially fond of the character Eponine, so for years my answer to the above question would have easily been On my Own from Les Miserable …. BUT …. then came Hamilton.

This was the first musical I listened to the CD before I saw the show.   This was something different.   If you have been lucky enough to see Hamilton then you know what a unique and phenomenal theater experience it is.  (The choreography alone is ground breaking!)   So I’m afraid I have to say move over Eponine … make way for Hercules Mulligan.   I love so many songs in Hamilton that it is hard to pick just one but if I had to I think it has to be the Battle of Yorktown.   I love this song because we get introduced to Hercules Mulligan and so many cast members are part of it.   It is the best history lesson ever …(scroll to the 2.15 point on the video for the actual performance …I struggled finding a video for this one)

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